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Recording Management and Call Reports for Users

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by datatech1, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. datatech1

    May 17, 2010
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    Hi Guys,
    We have noticed that there is a few things that could be greatly improved with the recording and call management part for 3CX.

    Call Reports
    The system works well and there are various options for the report format, but the system insists on sending an email to the end user rather than just being able to view the report from the web panel.
    The email that is sent does not actually contain the files, instead it emails a link which takes you back to the web control panel where you can download the report from.
    This seems a little backward to me and it would be much better if there were 2 options to chose from:-
    . Option 1 - The report actually gets emailed to the email address in the chosen format as an attachment.
    . Option 2 - The report can be viewed or downloaded directly from the web panel without the need for the email to be sent.
    The above would save valuable resources on the server and make things easier for end users, I.E. if the user wanted a daily, weekly or monthly report emailing to them they would have a copy of the report as an attachment in their chosen format in their inbox forever (or until they deleted the email).

    Recording Management
    There needs to be an option to enable this per user login.
    I.E. if you were to go into the extension and navigate to the Options Tab for that extension, there needs to be a tick box to allow that user to be able to view and download recordings from the Recording Management menu.
    There is already an option to Download All Recordings, but this does not give the user access to the Recordings Management screen when they log in.

    I hope the above is implemented soon as they are features and improvements that we really need and are sure others will need or find extremely useful.