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Recordings of transferred calls are lost

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Karapet_Avetisyan, Feb 6, 2015.

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  1. Karapet_Avetisyan

    Feb 6, 2015
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    Hello 3CX-izens. I would like to discuss a problem that I've mentioned in Idia 1961
    When searching recordings, we can find for example External Number -> 110, but when the call has been transferred by 110 to someone else, lets say 120, then the call record is tha same (External Number -> 110), but the recording is starting from the answer of 120. Make sence?
    Even i have received an official answer of 3CX on that question mentioning that this IS NOT AN ISSUE, but the concrete position of 3CX in making the reports. That is verbatim, records are maintained only according to the last call in the chain...
    Dear 3CX. Please, take under consideration that even that this is the official position in making reports page of 3CX, this is not convenient at all in point of view searching all the recordings of e.g. 110, because in reports there is a mention that answered 110 but in reality answered 120. This is knocking also to the system of reporting. Many such recordings are lost in system, and one cannot find them at all. So why to record the conversations when we won't be able find them later?

    MY OFFERs:
    1. Please make it possible to write in report the last answered agent, not the first, otherwise what is the meaning of the first answered agent? What we receive as information?
    2. In the link http://www.3cx.com/blog/docs/report-inconsistencies/ you talk absolutely differert thinks about reports, about what is being written in recording file and what in reports page. The reality is not the same. Give us what is mentioned in link. This is what shoud be at least.
    3. In reports there must be all the records about transferred calls (as in link told), A->B, B->C, A->C, and for the A there must be 2 recordings (A->B, A->C) recorded, for B - 2(A->B,B->C), anc for C - 1. Tha fact is that we have all in all 1 file and that is recorded partly and not the whole converation as it had to be.
    We all will apriciate it.
    Thanx in advance
Thread Status:
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