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    I have installed 3CX phone system on a windows machine. This machine has been assigned a public IP and windows firewall on the machine has been disabled. I have configured my VoIP provider details as mentioned in the user manual. I am having problem registering with my VoIP provider. I have configured my SPA 942 IP phone which is working fine with the PBX. Below is the log
    14:42:42.500 LineImpl::update: Line: register line 80003161
    14:26:02.453 LineImpl::update: Line: register line 80003161
    14:21:51.406 ??: SL: connected booths:0/PHPExtension_0 at [booths]/PHPExtension_0
    14:14:30.718 SessionMgr::thread: ** Entering Main Loop **
    14:14:30.718 SessionMgr::run: ** Start Session Manager **
    14:14:30.531 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Status Monitor **
    14:14:30.531 LineImpl::update: Line: register line 80003161
    14:14:27.359 DBA: ** Database connection Ok **
    14:14:27.093 MediaServerConnected: Media Server is connected
    14:14:27.093 ??: SL: connected booths:0/MediaServer at [booths]/MediaServer
    14:14:27.078 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Lines Manager **
    14:14:27.078 SessionMgr::run: STUN resolved external IP:
    14:14:27.031 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Client Authentication **
    14:14:27.031 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Server Authentication **
    14:14:27.031 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize DUM **
    14:14:26.171 SessionMgr::run: ** Adding transports **

    I would appreciate if some one could help in sorting out the registration issue with the VoIP provider. If required, I can create a test account and send the details.

    Thank you.
  2. Oli


    Nov 8, 2006
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    Same problem as above


    I exactly have the same problem.
    When I configure my ATA (Grandstream HT386), No problem for registering to voip provider (VoipBuster).
    Same config, as mentionned in user manual of 3Cx, does not register to VoipBuster.
    Her eis my log.

    07:10:15.609 ??: SL: connected OliPort:0/PHPExtension_0 at [OliPort]/PHPExtension_0
    06:52:36.876 SessionMgr::thread: ** Entering Main Loop **
    06:52:36.876 SessionMgr::run: ** Start Session Manager **
    06:52:36.816 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Status Monitor **
    06:52:36.816 LineImpl::update: Line: register line 123456
    06:52:31.999 MediaServerConnected: Media Server is connected
    06:52:31.999 DBA: ** Database connection Ok **
    06:52:31.879 ??: SL: connected OliPort:0/MediaServer at [OliPort]/MediaServer
    06:52:28.665 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Lines Manager **
    06:52:28.665 SessionMgr::run: STUN resolved external IP:
    06:52:28.645 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Client Authentication **
    06:52:28.645 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize Server Authentication **
    06:52:28.645 SessionMgr::run: ** Initialize DUM **
    06:52:27.663 SessionMgr::run: ** Adding transports **

    I will appreciate any comments helping to resolve this issue.

    Kind regards.

    P.S. What is exactly the line number to enter in the config pannel.
    VoipBuster, in my cas, does not give anymore DID number...

  3. Nick Galea

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    VOIP buster


    Did you configure both the proxy server and the registrar server? If you did, and it still does not work, can you send us a screenshot of your VOIP provider configuration in 3CX, as well as your account details to support <at>

    We have tested repeatedly with VOIPbuster and it works, so we need to reproduce somehow why is not working for your installations.

    In regards to the line number to configure - you have to enter the line number they give you.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i have the same problem

    15:13:34.769 LineImpl::update: Line: register line xxxxxxx

    and nothing else hapening
  5. Nick Galea

    Nick Galea Site Admin

    Jun 6, 2006
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    Testing lXW

    Hi Suren,

    Thank you for your post. We are going to test with your account details and let you know. Meanwhile i deleted your post because it had the account details so i felt it was better to delete it.

    In addition, could you install ethereal, and do a capture of the SIP traffic? Also send us the support info file, which you can generate from the support page?

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