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    We are having an issue with Queue Managers logging users in and out of queue.

    We have a soft button programmed to give the users the ability to log themselves in/out of the queue via their phone, however, we noticed that if the user was logged out by one of the Queue Manager's from their 3CX app, it does not allow for the user to log back in from the soft button.

    Basically, we had to go through and ensure that every person that the Queue Manager logged out of the queue was then logged back in by the Queue Manager, so that it gave the end user the ability to log in and out again on their own.

    We are working around it at the moment, but it would be nice to allow for the queue manager to be able to log a person out of the queue that may have forgot to log themselves out at the end of the day (to avoid constant ringing), without the issue of them not being able to log themselves back in the following morning without involving a Queue Manager.

    The users are only joined to one call queue, as is the Queue Manager.

    Not sure if this is somehow by design for multi queue member situations, or if this is just a bug.
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    When you are holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail. It seems I'm always holding a hammer. Still, if this is a huge issue for you, there is always the Call Control API. With the API you could force people in / out of all queues. You would simply need to build a user interface to invoke it since we don't have the ability to change / add things to the Web or Windows clients. I could envision something like a list of agents that you can multi-select, and a button for Login / Log out. When pressed, it would update the selected extensions. Let me know if you need help.
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