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Repeat VM notifications / voice notifications

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by humansys, Dec 24, 2015.

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  1. humansys

    Oct 28, 2015
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    It would be really nice to have the ability to repeat voicemail notifications until the VM is marked as read. This is neccessary for our after-hours emergency support line - sometimes an engineer is outside of cell service or for some reason the call isn't made or they're sleeping or whatever. Having the ability to repeat notifications solves all of the issues of how we notify them of an important VM.

    Having the ability to actually call an external number and play the voicemail when the call is picked up (preferably with the requirement to press a key to confirm) would be really helpful too.
  2. humanism

    Oct 27, 2015
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    Bump. FortiVoice, Shortel, esi, etc, etc, all have the ability to repeat a voicemail notification at set intervals until the message is listened to or marked as read.

    This works best when the PBX calls the extension to notify them of the voicemail, and then allows them to press a key to listen to the VM, which causes the PBX to mark the voicemail as not new.

    This is really helpful for all on-call or support personnel, as it allows them to not have to hover by their phones, but still allows them to promptly respond to calls, even if they're away from their phones for a few minutes.
  3. voiptoys

    voiptoys Active Member

    Feb 13, 2013
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    Take a look at "3CX On Call Manager". We have the ability to notify staff on call as many times as you choose, at defined intervals, until they listen to the voicemail.

    Further, you can escalate notifications to staff designated as level 2, 3, up to 30 escalation levels. If staff in level 1 don't answer the voicemail, then it escalates to the next level. Escalation is additive, so everyone in previous levels can't ignore the notifications. Notifications can be via a phone call (where they are prompted for a PIN), email, or SMS text.

    Alternatively you can automatically login scheduled external agents into a queue and transfer the caller to the queue -- so the caller never goes to voicemail in the first place (unless the call exceeds the hold time in the queue). If the call isn't answered in the queue, it fails over to voicemail and the traditional notifications and escalation take place.
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