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    1) There is probably a file containing all information about incoming and outgoing calls, ways of routing connections and many other additional events. Can I have access to a file containing this information? Where this file are located?

    2) Is it possible to extract information from the file described in the above using the CDR file? I mean, if the system has been running for a year and today I will enable the generation of a CDR file, will the CDR file contain information about events from before today? Whether however will only this information appear in the file that will arise after the inclusion date of generating the CDR file?

    3) I have enabled the generation of a CDR file, but my national number (A, B or C – “source line”, external line) doesn’t have own field. The field containing - among others - my national number has the form: "src_line:src_number". Does this mean that there is no separate field in the CDR file containing only my national number (A, B or C)?
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    Hi Jarret,

    You can get the information you are looking for from the CDR files. Please look at the following threads:

    However, you cannot generate CDR files for past calls. In that case you would need to go directly to the PostgreSQL database. But understand this is not supported and should be a last-resort option. 3CX doesn't like people accessing the database directly. That said, if you have no other choice, you might consider our Exporter tool which can copy the PostgreSQL data to either Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. Our tool has been in use around the world for about 8 years with no known issues.
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