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  1. Michal Knezourek

    Sep 29, 2017
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    We use PRO version of 3CX and I really miss one report - report of ring time per call.
    If call starts ringing on extension, then it's forwarded to one queue, then to second queue, etc... I have no option to generate report which will include total ring time thru all queues and extensions..
    I want to see something like:
    caller number
    calling umber
    datetime start of ringing
    datetime end of ringing
    total length of ringing (across all hops)
    number of hops (extension-queue-queue-forward to number = 3)
    result (answered / unanswered)
    extensions which finally answered call
    queue thru the call was finally answered (if it was via queue)

    And as a bonus I need to plan this report weekly per group.

    All reports are per indidivual queue on extension but no by call...

    Any ideas?
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