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Reports GUI needs some feature fix

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by solr, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. solr

    Feb 23, 2014
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    Let me start of by saying the v12.5 reports were very useful if not great.

    V14 reports are next to useless.

    There is no ability to play with setting parameters for a report, seeing what the results look like, and then tweaking it interactively, because the ON Demand report you just spent 10 minutes configuring is LOST, unless it is Scheduled.

    Given that the output is to PDF via email, it should seem very easy to schedule and save a report definition, with a schedule of On-Demand, and then you could go back and run the report you defined, instead of having to completely redefine the report.

    As a long time software developer, the report section appears to have been given little thought, as how it is to be used by the customer, as sure sign of someone giving a development assignment for a feature of very low priority.

    If 3cx expects to compete in the CC space, this is a surefire guarantee of losing market share.
    Call Centers must have great reporting analysis and reporting abilities, and the current implementation is totally inadequate.
    Even small customers need to know how their SIP Trunks are being utilized and prices, and the current reporting has NO way to identify SIP TRUNK!

    3cx needs to take this seriously, as they have completely messed up on this aspect of an otherwise excellent product.