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Request for Comments: Posting Guidelines

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by darrellchapman, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. darrellchapman

    Nov 26, 2007
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    I would like to thank 3CX for making these forums available for us to share information and help each other out. I've learned quite a bit from other users here. However, I find it increasingly difficult to find the information I'm looking with the current setup of individual forums. They currently do not allow us to break down requests by product version nor request type (bug report, feature request, support, etc.). Until 3CX sets this up, I would like to ask that we all attempt to come up with a standard format for post subjects.

    My suggestion would be to include this information in the post's subject line: product version build number, followed by the request type, followed by a generalized description.

    Subject: 4132: Bug Report: XXXX
    Subject: 4132: Feature Request: XXXX
    Subject: 4072: Support Request: XXXX

    One advantage to this would be that we could immediately know the product version without having to request that information in a reply. Another advantage is that If I wanted wanted to list all bug reports for a particular product I could perform a search for "4132: Bug Report." The possibilities are endless if we could only agree on a format.

    Your comments, requests, and suggestions are highly encouraged and appreciated.

    Darrell Chapman
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