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Revamp Rights, add Permissions in Settings for better flexability and control!

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by two, Feb 10, 2017.

Revamp Rights, add Permissions in Settings for better flexability and control! 5 5 3votes
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Do you think changing to a permission based heirarchy will help solve issues your currently having?

Poll closed Mar 10, 2017.
  1. Most definitely. This change will allow us to do more for our clients.

  2. Yes it will but i think upcoming versions have bigger more important items to address first.

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  3. Definitely not! It will create more work than we want and make it confusing.

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  4. We are not having any issues and do not want this type of flexability.

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  5. Not important to us but it sounds like a good idea.

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  1. two


    Jun 25, 2015
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    The Management console needs a Permissions section in Settings to add names and rights such as Administrator, Power User, User, etc. Similar to the Rights/Permissions hierarchy in a windows domain.
    Structure it with a Read, Read/Write, Read/Write/Delete.

    Read: View only permissions.

    Read/Write: View and make changes but cannot remove anything higher power users applied.

    Read/Write/Delete: all available options of adding, removing, and changing the area in mind.

    Rights would be base on Administrator, Power User, User, and so on. Add user names in permissions and give the the rights you want. They do not need an extension to have rights.

    I have multiple clients who want custom permissions per user, per feature, etc. The existing security and rights configurable choices is just clunky at best and needs a revamp fast.


    As Administrator i can log in and go into any area of the console completely unrestricted. Lets say i want Ray at extension 2000 to have access to changing his console pin. I open the tab where the pin is located and every area that is changable has a "lock" icon next to it(Interactive with current permissions set: locked meaning there are permissions set, unlocked meaning no permissions set, it can even go as far as colors like red- users have assigned rights, yellow -power users have assigned rights, green- administrators have assigned rights). I click on the lock and enter Rays name in the pop up window. Somewhere in this window there are the selective rights checkboxes of what I want him to have access to. I click ok to close the box and ok again to save my change in the extension.
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