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Robo Caller Blacklist

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by DSXDATA, Mar 6, 2016.

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    DSXDATA New Member

    Oct 20, 2015
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    One of Barracuda's best features is a DB that all of the Barracuda SPAM filters contribute to - resulting in a robust ANTI-SPAM facility. They call it the "Barracuda Reputation Filter." 3CX could leverage that idea with a central DB that all 3CX PBX's utilize. When callers get a robocall, they could hit a BLF which would essentially forward the caller to an "extension" which would capture the call info and put it into the DB. It would be optional and it would probably require 2x - 3x incidents from diverse sources to create an entry. But it would be a killer feature in some people's eyes.

    An alternative is to interface with NOMOROBO, which would work great but is a domestic-US only solution.

    Another approach would be to implement an API (see RBL for an example) and let 3rd party providers fill the gap.
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