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Salesforce Integration - Syncing call duration

Discussion in 'CRM / Helpdesk / App Integration' started by BenHessell, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. BenHessell

    Jan 10, 2019
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    I setup the salesforce CRM integration today and it is talking with salesforce and identifying contacts - I would like to synchronize call duration, type etc automatically.

    I see that in the 'Integrate 3CX Phone System Pro with Salesforce.com' that this is avail;able with 3CX v16 - what is eta on this being available?

    What will the upgrade procedure be for this as well when/if it is available?

    Do you have any work arounds to transmit this data through third party software at the moment?


  2. edossantos

    edossantos Support Team
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Jun 27, 2007
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    Hello Ben,

    3CX v16 is around the corner. In fact we already released 2 alphas, the beta is a few weeks away, and then the final release should not take much longer, it will be during Q1 2019 for sure.

    When you get the upgrade, you will just need to configure the additional settings for Call Journaling and Automatic Contact Creation.

    Kind regards.
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