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Semi-attended Transfer

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by tyfrantz@gmail.com, Sep 22, 2015.

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  1. tyfrantz@gmail.com

    Sep 21, 2015
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    3CX v12.5 & v14, same behavior.

    Yealink T48 settings:
    Semi-attended transfer: Enabled
    Transfer mode via dss: Blind
    Blind Transfer on hangup: Enabled
    Attended transfer on hangup: Enabled

    T48 takes a call. T48 presses dss key of another extension and the call is immediately blind transferred perfectly, recipient sees incoming caller and that he/she is being transferred from T48, T48's screen immediately goes back to its home screen. If Recipient extension doesn't answer, it goes to voicemail after the prescribed time in the 3cx settings.

    T48 takes a call. T48 presses "Transfer" button, then dials the extension number, then hits "Transfer" and the same as above happens, perfect.

    T48 takes a call. T48 presses "Transfer" button, then dial the extension number but the user doesn't hit "Transfer" in time because of the "Dial Now" feature, so T48 auto puts caller on hold and now T48 is calling the extension number that was dialed. User hangs up the T48 to effect the transfer, and the call is transferred, but the T48 screen still shows the call and gives the options to "Resume" or "End Call", but hitting "Resume" does nothing, and hitting "End Call" makes you go to the homescreen. When the extension finally picks up the transferred call, the T48's homescreen will also clear. However, MAJOR PROBLEM happens in this scenario because if the recipient never does answer the call, it will go to voicemail after about 50 seconds! Here is the issue: In 3cx settings under the extension, it's set to go to voicemail after 7 seconds. It never has been 50. Please don't recommend looking at the "internal" vs "external" call handling, because that is not the issue. They are both set to be handled the same way. Yet those settings are ignored with what I assume is a semi-attended transfer.

    Easy solution 1) Turn off semi-attended transfer. With it off, all the same things happen above, however when the user hangs up the phone the call is immediately transferred and voicemail of the recipient will pickup as its supposed to. PROBLEM: If the recipient doesn't answer, then it shows two missed calls in their log; one from the T48 who "called" recipient for like 3 seconds before hanging up the phone to patch the transfer, and then one from the actual caller being transferred. No, not a huge issue, but still lame. Even if the recipient does answer the transferred call, he/she will still show a missed call from the T48 who hung up right away making the call transfer.

    Easy solution 2) Extend the time for Dial Now. PROBLEM: That is totally lame. I don't want to ask my staff to have to wait when dialing extensions and things, nor to hit the "Dial" buttons and stuff. Something is broken here and I prefer to see it fixed instead of workarounds.

    Notes: I experience a similar issue with my cisco SPA 303 when it does an attended transfer in that I can hang-up, but the transfer still keeps a leg open to the cisco suggesting I can pull back the call and "Resume", but it never works, and the voicemail once again takes almost a minute to pickup. There's no timer for that, it's some magic timer somewhere that isn't in the settings for the extension nor global settings that I've found (might be missing it?) that is like a "semi-attend-transfer-to-voicemail-if-the-user-doesn't-pickup-timer".

    Hopeful 3CX fix 1) Semi-attended transferred call uses the appropriate voicemail rule instead of some weird random time greater than 50 seconds for the caller to go to voicemail. I don't think this is a phone issue, I think it's 3CX applying some max timer or something.

    Hopeful Yealink fix 1) Make the "Dial Now" entry turn into a "Transfer Now" for calls where I hit the transfer button. Basically, If I'm making a new call or transferring, the green button that appears on the screen next to the keypad says "Dial" or says "Transfer" or whatever is appropriate for the circumstances, which is really great, so make the "Dial Now" rule just do whatever the big green button on the screen says, that way if I'm transferring then the "Dial Now" sequence will transfer the call, but if I'm making a new call then it'll place a new call. And in the event its transfer, it'll be whatever transfer (blind or attended) that is in the feature settings of the phone for "dss key transfers".

    I've seen some similar posts about the semi-attended transfer feature (sparing the recipient two missed calls instead of one) where the transferor stays a party to the call somehow, both in the forum and the yealink forum, but not that was resolved or that behaved quite the same.

    Despite my resistance to a workaround, any thoughts?
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