Sennheiser 3CXPhone plugin for windows

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    We purchased the DW10 Sennheiser headsets for the 3CXPhone. According the Sennheiser web site "The Sennheiser 3CXPhone plugin for windows is a call control integration module, which manages the connection between the Sennheiser headsets and the speakerphone solutions and the 3CXPhone client v15 or higher. With the Sennheiser 3CXPhone plugin, you benefit from a fully tested solution making use of 3CXPhone together with the Sennheiser devices. The answer and end calls functionality as well as volume functions, can be exercised via the headset or speakerphone."

    We can not get the answer button to answer a call via the 3CXPhone and headset. What I'm I missing...
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    Be aware, the 3CX client should NOT be in CTI mode.
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