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Show (video) conference invites on the Schedule Conference screen in the webclient

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Noud, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Noud

    Aug 18, 2017
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    Only (video) conferences initiated by a particular user show up on the Schedule Conferences screen in the webclient. It would be great if also invites show up in the webclient.

    Let me explain why i need this: I'm working on a conference room setup, with a mini PC running Windows 10 and both the 3CX Windows client and the webclient as the only software. This mini PC is equipped with a BT mouse and keyboard, a full HD camera and a HQ Jabra speakerphone. The idea behind it is that every corporate 3CX user can invite this setup (named after the conference room where it is located) together with all the other remote participants. When the meeting starts he/she opens the webclient on this mini PC in this conference room and joins the meeting that was set up by another user than this mini PC (but invited the mini PC). Unfortunately, in the webclient you can only see webmeetings scheduled by this particular user, not invites. Therefore, my solution doesn't work (yet).

    I could solve this by adding a calendar to this mini PC, but then all employees also have access to the content of the calendar invitations on this mini PC in this room. That is a data breach.

    Another solution i thought of is that everyone uses the Click to Call/ Click to Meet URL of this mini PC, but then there is no authorisation in terms of a unique link. Anyone can join with a fake user name. That is a security breach.