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    I have a customer with Spectrum SIP trunks and they have a DID they want to use as for their analog fax machine. Is there a way to setup the analog fax machine to send and receive faxes on the SIP trunk DID? How would I get the outbound SIP DID to Analog line for the outbound faxing? Is there hardware that would take the SIP DID and convert it to analog line for the fax or is there another way of doing this? I have set up 3CX inbound faxing over SIP DID but that doesn't always work either. Any thoughts would be helpful.
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    You need a FXS gateway, that converts SIP traffic to analogue - Patton or Welltech

    Also make sure the SIP provider supports T38 (fax over ip), if not then the fax solution is not going to work
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    If your VoIP provider didn't support, or you simply wanted to route a fax call out on an analogue trunk, you could install a PSTN gateway. Using outbound rules (specific to the fax extension) , you could send outbound fax calls on that trunk. Of course the caller ID will be that of the PSTN line, not the DID.

    VoIP faxing can be hit or miss, at the best of times. There are a lot of variables involved.