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    Aug 28, 2007
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    We have problems with our voip provider. Calls are hunged up after 20 sec. Provider told me that they maintain registration with keepalive OPTION message and we have to activate SIP OPTION message. Where to check this?

    Here is log from them:
    Registration and call establishment are OK.

    One on call, we send, like for all devices, a keepalive "OPTION" message.
    client answers with a 5xx error message (not implemented). This causes us to unregister it, and send a bye.

    Here are the logs about that event :

    2007/08/01-15:47:56.635 [DEVICE_HANDLER xxxxxxxxe (sip-phone) – (null) –
    $Map,java.util.Collections$SynchronizedMap($S,601012;com.netergynet.protocolhandler.sip.Handler,$S,[PHA] [HSIP: [601012] / 601012-master-1] )] unreachable()
    2007/08/01-15:47:56.635 [PHA] [HSIP: [601012] / 601012-master-1] unreachable(sip:601012-master-1@
    2007/08/01-15:47:56.635 [PHA] [HSIP: [601012] / 601012-master-1] disconnect([[PHA] [RTPSId]
    Unknown macro: {601012-->41756485}
    states= mode:ACTIVE, targetMode:ACTIVE inService:OUT_OF_SERVICEuri:601012.stranke] , CAUSE_NORMAL)
    2007/08/01-15:47:56.636 ===== Sent ======================= 03:47:56 635
    lewis/ ===UDP===> /
    BYE sip:xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx:5060;raddr=xxxxxxx;rport=5060;natted=true SIP/2.0

    This is the same reason why on incoming call, it fails.
    The NCH is unregistered after a failed keepalive, and incoming calls are transfered to voicemail or fail.

    You may check if that PBX supports standard OPTION SIP messages, and if , activate their support in configuration.
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    Aug 18, 2006
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    We do not support OPTIONS at all.
    What is the provider, by the way?

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