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    Hi, I need more information about SIP standard used on your software. Could you help me ?

    Sip version ? 1.5 ? 2.0 ? RFC 3261 ?
    Rtp version ?
    Stun version ?
    Codec ? I see an old message about this : 'A current version supports only G.711 codecs (both a-Law and mu-Law) ' It's true ?
    Dtmf ?

    Best regards.
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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Standards supported


    Below are the standards we use

    SIP : v2.0
    RTP : v2.0
    STUN : RFC 3489
    Codec : G.711 (both)
    DTMF : None in beta2 (no IVR to make use of it) Beta 3 will have it

    Note that we are planning to support the GSM codec, which is royalty free and supported by several providers including NIkotel and Sipgate

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