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SNOM: SW-Update failed after Updating 3CX to 15.5

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by HeikoK, Feb 20, 2018.

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  1. HeikoK

    Feb 19, 2018
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    Two days ago I upgraded our 3CX from V15 to V15.5. (Dashboard shows 15.5.8801.3). The update itself was done without problems.
    But now all our SNOM phones (300 and 370) show "SW-update failed". All of them running firmware for a few months, which is the version provided by 3CX.

    On my phone (SNOM 370) I tried reinstalling the firmware using http://downloads.3cx.com/downloads/v155/templates/firmwareupdates/snom/snom370- as source. No change.
    I did a factory reset. No change.

    When I take a look at the phone log (file attached) and search for "firmware" lines I get this:

    Feb 20 09:31:56.147 [NOTICE] PHN: ProvUtils::UcLookUpFirmwareUpdateViaDNS: domain: >My.Domain.Local<
    Feb 20 09:31:56.148 [NOTICE] PHN: ProvUtils::UcSendFirmwareUpdateAvailableRequest: enabled: 1; url: >https://ucupdates-r2.My.Domain.Local/RequestHandler/ucdevice.upx<; id: ><
    Feb 20 09:31:56.150 [NOTICE] PHN: ProvUtils::UcSendFirmwareUpdateAvailableRequest: request: ><Request><DeviceType>3PIP</DeviceType><MacAddress>00-04-13-26-C8-FD</MacAddress><SerialNumber>NA</SerialNumber><IP></IP><UserID></UserID><NumOfFiles>1</NumOfFiles><LocaleID>ENU</LocaleID><Vendor>Snom</Vendor><Model>snom370</Model><Revision>AB</Revision><CurrentTime>2011-10-14T08:07:30</CurrentTime><CurrentModule><FileName>cpe.nbt</FileName><FileVersion><Major>8</Major><Minor>7</Minor><Build>5</Build><QFE>48</QFE><TimeStamp>2009-12-10T11:31:30</TimeStamp></FileVersion></CurrentModule></Request><
    Feb 20 09:31:57.306 [INFO ] PHN: WEB: 25 Basic authentication.
    Feb 20 09:31:57.910 [INFO ] PHN: Update: Fetching FW URL: done, result 200
    Feb 20 09:31:57.911 [NOTICE] CFG: read_xml_settings: found firmware-settings XML header
    Feb 20 09:31:57.912 [NOTICE] CFG: read_xml_settings: found one byte encoding: 1
    Feb 20 09:31:57.914 [INFO ] PHN: ProvisioningReplacements: URL >https://MyCompany.3cx.de:5001/provisioning/daiczql5pa/firmware/snom/snom370-<
    Feb 20 09:31:57.923 [INFO ] PHN: Update: FW URL [https://MyCompany.3cx.de:5001/provisioning/daiczql5pa/firmware/snom/snom370-] already known, thus no update!
    Feb 20 09:32:02.534 [WARN ] PHN: Could not resolve host >ucupdates-r2.My.Domain.Local<
    Feb 20 09:32:02.535 [WARN ] WEBCLIENT: Could not resolve host ucupdates-r2.My.Domain.Local
    Feb 20 09:32:02.537 [NOTICE] PHN: ProvUtils::UcFirmwareUpdateAvailableResponseReceived code: 400
    The phone get's the firmware-link to our 3CX within the provisioning. It checks the firmware an sees that there is no newer version. So far so good.

    But why is the phone trying to connect to ucupdates-r2.My.Domain.Local? Ucupdates seems to has to do something with Lync. Is this causing the "sw-update failed"? If yes, can it be disabled somehow?

    Would be great if someone has an idea what to do, because our users are asking about the warning shown at the phone displays.


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