SPA-3102 Dial Plans/Fallback

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Netman, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    I've just set up a Linksys SPA-3102 on my 3CX installation (as per the instructions here: http: // - NO LONGER AVAILABLE) so I have one PSTN line going into 3CX and one analogue telephone connected to the SPA-3102 as an extension.

    It all works OK in terms of 3CX but I'd like to be able to dial a prefix on the analogue telephone which then gets the Linksys to route the call through the PSTN rather than through the 3CX PBX. I've been doing a lot of Googling and have found various example dial plans for the SPA-3102 but none of them seem to make any difference to how the thing behaves. There are two places where dial plans can be specified - one is under 'Line1' in the SPA-3102's config and also under 'PSTN Line' there are several more lines where you can specify a dial plan. I have tried both (but I assume it's the single one under 'Line1' that I need to configure for calling out through the analogue phone) but not had any luck. The dial plan I currently have is (<#9,:>x.<:mad:gw0) which from what I've read should give me a 2nd dial tone when I dial #9 and then route the call through the PSTN but as soon as I dial #9 I get an enaged tone as if the call is being routed to 3CX instead.

    Also if I shutdown the PC running 3CX is there anyway I can tell the SPA-3102 to route incoming PSTN calls to Line1 so my telephone answering machine picks it up as at the moment if 3CX is down the SPA-3102 still intercepts the incoming PSTN call and it just rings and rings.

    Anyone solved these issues or have any ideas?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.