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SPA5xx - Provsioning Template - Ringtone

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Daikoku, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Daikoku

    Sep 22, 2007
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    does anybody know how to change the default ringtone on the phones as part of the provisioning template?

  2. efounco

    efounco New Member

    Sep 28, 2011
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    This is done in 3CX by creating a custom provisioning template.

    You have a couple of options. You can:

    1. set a specific ringtone per line
    2. reorder/organize the ringtone groups so that the default is different

    If you wish to set a ringtone, add the following lines to your provisioning template"

    <Default_Ring__1__ group="Ext_1/Call_Feature_Settings">1</Default_Ring__1__>
    <Default_Ring__2__ group="Ext_2/Call_Feature_Settings">1</Default_Ring__2__>
    <Default_Ring__3__ group="Ext_3/Call_Feature_Settings">1</Default_Ring__3__>
    <Default_Ring__4__ group="Ext_4/Call_Feature_Settings">1</Default_Ring__4__>

    Change the value "1" to the desired ringtone (1-12 on most SPA50x phones).

    If you wish to reorder/organize the ringtone groups, add the following lines to your provisioning template:

    <Ring1 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Simple-1;w=2;c=1</Ring1>
    <Ring2 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Simple-2;w=2;c=2</Ring2>
    <Ring3 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Simple-3;w=2;c=3</Ring3>
    <Ring4 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Simple-4;w=2;c=4</Ring4>
    <Ring5 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Simple-5;w=2;c=5</Ring5>
    <Ring6 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Classic-1;w=3;c=1</Ring6>
    <Ring7 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Classic-2;w=3;c=2</Ring7>
    <Ring8 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Classic-3;w=3;c=3</Ring8>
    <Ring9 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Classic-4;w=3;c=4</Ring9>
    <Ring10 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Office;w=4;c=1</Ring10>
    <Ring11 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Pulse;w=5;c=1</Ring11>
    <Ring12 group="Phone/Ring_Tone">n=Du-dut;w=6;c=1</Ring12>

    ^^The above example changes the default Ring1 group to "Simple" versus the Cisco default "Classic". You can change and/or rename them however you liked.

    w= the ringtone slot number
    c= the ringtone pattern

    Now, for the advantages and disadvantages. If you set a ringtone, the user can personalize/change the ringtone to his or her liking, but it will reset back to the template defaults the next time the phone syncs (once per night). Reordering the groups will not have this effect, but all the lines will use Ring1 group by default (unless they are changed or set).
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