Specified CallerID for Outbound Rules(Clip noScreening)

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  1. timmbo

    Aug 25, 2017
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    some Customers which runs a outbound Call-Center wanna have the Possibility to set the outbound CallerID for each Call.

    A Call-Center makes outbound Calls for a dozen of Companys, so the best way is to work with prefixes.
    I can sett at oubound Rules a prefix and after then i choose the Provider i cut the prefix and then i can set the outbound CallerID, so i can choose with prefixes which Number has been shown/set.

    If a Customer calls back on the specified extension what was shown at the oubound Call, so the Call-Center can answer with the specified Company Name.

    I think thats a baxic feature for Call-Centers which make outbound Calls.

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