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    I am looking to set up 3CX behind a Netgear DG834G v5 router. I see there is a prerequisit of static port mapping. Does anyone know if the Netgear DG843G router supports static port mapping and is this the same as what the router referes to as Static Routes ? Their outline of what this is is below :

    Static routes give the router information that it cannot learn automatically through other means. This can happen when RIP is disabled on the LAN. (See the LAN IP Setup page.) All defined static routes appear in the table. To add or delete a route, work in the area under the Static Routes table.


    To Set Up A Static Route:

    Click the Add button.
    Type a route name for this static route in the Route Name box under the table.
    (This is for identification purpose only.)
    Select Private if you want to limit access to the LAN only.
    Select Active to make this route effective.
    Type the Destination IP Address of the final destination.
    Type the IP Subnet Mask for this destination.
    If this is for a single host, type
    Type the Gateway IP Address, which must be a router on the same segment.
    Type a number between 2 and 15 as the Metric value.
    This represents the number of other routers on your network. Usually, setting this to 2 or 3 works the best, but if this is a direct connection, set it to 2.
    Click Apply to have the static route entered into the table.


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    No, look at section 5-6, Inbound Rules (Port Forwarding), under Firewall Rules
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