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    I'm looking for som sort of logging, on extensions change of status (away, dnd). But I cannot seem to find anything in either 3CX eventlog or activitylog, I've been doing a little bit of searching in the database_single through pgAdmin, but this is like finding a need in a haystack.

    Is this possible in any way, to determine status changes with timestamps?

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    I'd love to see what you come up with here. Maybe @voiptoys can help?
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    Take a look in callcent_ag_queuestatus. This will show you when an agent logged in / out of queues. There isn't a log that I'm aware of that lists other statuses. I do have an agent status application about 80% complete that will allow you to create an unlimited number of statuses and based on the custom status you choose, it will perform the actions you specify for each status (like logging out of a queue). We log all these status changes. The intent is to also build a wallboard that displays each agent's current status, as well as summary information showing how much time, and how often, an agent has been in each status. This project is on hold, however, while we work on porting our applications to Linux.

    I do caution you Nikoolaj about using PGAdmin on a production server. The simple act of just clicking on a table places locks on the records within the table and obviously could crash a running system. As you have undoubtedly heard, 3CX does not support directly accessing the data in the PostgreSQL database, for this very reason. Perhaps a safer approach would be to use our Exporter tool to get the data in SQL, then you can play with the data (in SQL) without impacting your production system.
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