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Status to "Inactive" after 5 minutes - problems

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by palmaz, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. palmaz

    Aug 22, 2017
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    We have renamed the one of presense options to "Inactive", and set 3cxPhoneClient to automatically change status to "Inactive" after 5minutes, however it creates 2 problems.

    Because "Inactive" is a different presense status, it has separate options for call flow. The end user will set "Available" call flow to divert to a secretary (in all 4 places there) but they'll forget to set the same 4 settings under "Inactive", and calls will go to the wrong place.
    In addition, sometimes the status gets stuck on "Inactive", and it never gets reset back to Available.

    Possible solutions
    a) Instead of auto changing Status when idle, keep it on Available, but change the status comment to Inactive, or even better Inactive for X minutes.

    b) Lunch/idle to have an overwrite/sync button to use the settings from Available.

    Either way, if the 3cxPhoneClient is unregistered, it should revert.