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    Hi, all

    Since the speed of connection to a STUN server has a significant role when establishing a call over internet in case of a direct, not tunneled connection, there is a short list with few tested STUN servers. Average time listed is measured from Cyprus.

    As an advice, to decide which of them is most suitable for you, perform the same measurement, by ping-ing from the machine where 3CXPhone (or 3CX Phone System, if you want to use there) is running, then use the fastest one. Next release of 3CXPhone, quite heavily revised, has a debug indicator about call establishing time and differences between various STUN servers could be easily seen.

    STUN servers "seen" from Cyprus, from fastest to slowest:
    avg: 142 ms
    avg: 142 ms
    avg: 149 ms
    avg: 180 ms
    avg: 216 ms
    avg: 222 ms
    avg: 222 ms
    avg: 282 ms
    avg: 287 ms
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