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    Oct 21, 2011
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    More often than not, the creation of a new extension requires several default 3CX settings to be modified.

    Each client usually has a unique set of defaults. Following them while managing dozens of instances requires unnecessary paperwork and effort that could be made more efficient by creating defaults settings.

    I'd love to see a "system-wide extension defaults" settings, or, even better, "group-wide extension default settings"

    For example:
    • Enable Web Client (Y/N)
    • Enable Click to Call (Y/N)
      • If yes, default settings for options:
    • Voicemail defaults for Date & Time reads, delivery (email, notification, etc.), disable PIN, Play caller ID
    • Forwarding rules defaults, specifically, "accept multiple calls"
    • Phone provisioning defaults (I know much of this can be defined in the templates)
    • BLF Defaults
    • Option defaults (example: disallow use outside of LAN is always on by default, but more & more instances are hosted!)
      • Record calls
      • PBX deliver audio/reinvite & replace support
      • etc.
    • Etc.
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