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Targeted Pickup after Forward to ring group

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Ben Horder, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Ben Horder

    Jan 30, 2018
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    Hi all,

    So our call flow scenario is this:

    Incoming Call > Ext 100 (Reception) > RG 800 (Client Services)

    As this flow handles *all* incoming calls to the business (there are no DIDs to individuals), we want the rest of the staff to be able to pickup RG 800 if all of the client services team is away for any reason (early/late in the day, training, etc)

    It turns out (after some back and forth with support) that targeted pickup of ring groups (i.e. *20*800) is ONLY currently supported if the call is presented directly to the RG (i.e. Incoming Call > RG 800, or dialed internally), so pickups are failing. We could use a non-targeted pickup but that could cause issues if there are other phones ringing (internal calls).

    I tried to work around this by running up a dummy extension with "simultaneously ring mobile" set to 800, and it worked, as it wasn't considered a forward, but this wouldn't handle multiple calls.

    Side Note: the reason for the currently configured call flow is so that the receptionist can easily divert all calls to an external answering service (on a Yealink with bw.feature_key_sync = 0 set). Normal out of hours behaviour is to go to voicemail, so they can't just use *642.

    So the ideas to resolve this are:
    • Can 3CX please consider adding targeted pickup to ring groups where calls have been forwarded. This currently works for singular extensions.
    • Alternatively, can they extend the *64 dial codes to allow an over-ride forwarding all calls to a number? This would mean we can just use a ring group, and the current group pickup functionality will work. There would need to be a way to exclude the DID associated with the fax server from this.