Template improvement: SoftKeys for settings and call forwarding

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    Softkeys/Comtext senetive funstion keys - http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/gui_fkey

    (This link is for Snom but I believe other handsets have the same issue).

    The softkeys can't be changed, gui_fkey1 to gui_fkey4. I don't want the user anywhere near the settings of the handset but they have a Settings button. I also don't want them to have a CFwd softkey because call forwarding using the handset has no visibility in the system. Also when there is a status message the Info softkey pushes the DND softkey from the screen because all 4 softkeys are displayed.

    The new templating improvement should IMHO have an option to configure the softkeys or at least disable some of the soft keys.

    (When I get a moment I'll post the relevant part of the template).