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    Apr 22, 2009
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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to configure a VOIP provider here in the UK. The provider is Timico and we already have a VOIP account with them wish we are under contract with for another 2 years (whoever signed that tie-in should be shot!!!) so changing is not an option I'm afraid. Below is the guide we have for connectiong a linksys ATA - hopefully this has all the information we require.

    Setting up a Linksys ATA

    Leave all option as factory defaults, just change the following.

    Line Tab(s)
    NAT Keep Alive Msg: $PING
    NAT Keep Alive Enable: Yes
    SIP Proxy-Require: com.nortelnetworks.firewall
    SIP Remote-Party-ID: Yes
    Proxy: <YOUR DOMAIN>
    Outbound Proxy:
    Use Outbound Proxy: Yes
    Register Expires: 60
    Display Name: <YOUR USERNAME>
    Password: <YOUR PASSWORD>
    Preferred Codec: G729a

    SIP Tab
    DTMF Relay MIME Type: application/vnd.nortelnetworks.digits
    Reg Retry Intvl: 1
    Reg Retry Long Intvl: 30
    RTP Port Min: 40000
    RTP Port Max: 60,000
    RTP Packet Size: 0.020
    NAT Keep Alive Intvl: 5


    Control Timer Values
    Interdigit Long Timer: 3
    Interdigit Short Timer: 1
    Time Zone: GMT

    I have configured the following settings in 3CX:

    SIP Server hostname:
    SIP server port: 5060
    Outbound proxy:
    Outbound proxy port: 5060

    Unfortunately this does not work, the error in the server activity log is:

    09:18:48.628 [CM504005]: Registration failed for: 10001@Timico; Cause: 403 Forbidden; from IP:

    I'm certain the details I've entered are correct but unfortunately it just won't register. I'm a bit stumped now and if anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful.

    Many Thanks,
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