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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by dan_tx, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Nov 3, 2016
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    I wanted to let people know, kind of found a work around to get PUSH notification to work if you are using your inbound SIP trunk settings to Display Name instead of From-User.

    "CallerNum" caller's number (default: From->user) as "From: Display Name" instead of the default.

    An example of using this is if another PBX is sending calls over to 3CX and you want 3CX to display the user name from that other PBX as the caller Number.

    PUSH as mentioned above uses the "CallerNum" and is expecting NO spaces when it notifies iOS of a call. If it has a space, it removes it and then the PBX doesn't know what to do with it if it's a name instead of a number. The workaround was to create an inbound caller ID rule to remove the space in between persons first and last name on the caller ID. I'm pretty sure this is entirely "unsupported", but it works. I say it's unsupported since no where in the inbound caller ID documentation does it mention modifying names, it only references numbers.

    Source Pattern Replace Pattern
    (Dan) (.*) \1\2

    Word of warning, if you make a typo on the above inbound caller ID rule, it prevents the 3cx SIP Server service from starting on a reboot and will not start unless you fix it! For example typing \1\2\ caused this significant issue for me. Calls stopped working and the service would not run until this error was removed.

    Changes "Dan Lastname" to "DanLastname" PUSH likes the last one and when you answer a call in the app from PUSH, it works.

    I guess this would mostly be helpful for users who have an existing PBX, and want to integrate 3cx to test it out. For example, we have it setup and our IT staff is using it. Basically our old PBX extensions are forwarded to our 3cx extensions, we have a sip connection between the two pbx's and loaded all contacts with ext into 3cx address book. We can call anyone on the other PBX directly form the 3cx IOS app or the desktop client by dialing their normal ext and it appears like we are calling them back form our other pbx ext. They can call our other pbx ext and it forwards to our 3cx apps and displays who is calling along with their ext.

    The reason we want Caller Name displayed in the field is when you get a PUSH notification, that is what is passed along, so we can see who is calling from PUSH. Otherwise, it would display the other PBX's phone number, not the users ext or name.

    If we need to make outbound calls not to the other pbx, we use the other pbx physical phone or regular cell. Typically though people call us, so it's working out pretty well now that PUSH answering calls is working.

    The other pbx is Altigen.
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