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Trouble setting up extension on different subnet

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by jparisi, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. jparisi

    Oct 1, 2007
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    I'm trying to set up an extension from home. I have a site to site VPN set up between two Sonicwall TZ-170's with no rules blocking any ports so NAT shouldn't be a problem.

    When setting up the 3cx softphone I get this repeatedly in the log:

    20:47:28,517: T:
    REGISTER sip: SIP/2.0
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK002381dcdc7ddc1191d300c049f44662
    From: 3CX Phone <sip:105@>;tag=10092
    To: <sip:105@>
    Call-ID: 80006294-DC7D-DC11-91D3-00C049F44662@
    CSeq: 3 REGISTER
    Contact: <sip:105@>
    Max-Forwards: 70
    User-Agent: SIPPER for 3CX Phone
    Expires: 900
    Content-Length: 0

    The 3cx server is and the local IP is I can ping back and forth with no problem.

    I tried with the external extension checkbox both checked and un-checked.

    I have the 3cx phone configured as per the screenshots, I've also tried X-Lite and a SNOM 360 softphone, all with no luck.

    I see no activity in the 3cx server logs that show anything trying to connect.

    Any ideas?

  2. 5qg4

    5qg4 Active Member

    Jan 31, 2007
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    It should be firewall issue. I'm hit this issue before. For Netscreen NS25 (Screen OS 5.0.0r8) to Draytek (LAN to LAN). I need to upgrade the Screen OS to 5.4.0r6 for solved this issue. If you are now using 3CX softphone. I suggested that to change X-Lite instead. Its a freeware. It may be help to solve your registration issue via your VPN. If still not help. Please try to use Wireshark to capture the NIC activities for communication between your phone and 3cx box for future investigate.
    e.g - 3CX BOX at Office - Eyebeam at Home
    No. Time Source Destination Protocol Info
    203 36.955298 SIP Request: SUBSCRIBE sip:319@
    205 37.084328 SIP Status: 200 OK
    208 37.119669 SIP Request: REGISTER sip:
    210 37.250097 SIP Status: 200 OK (1 bindings)
    211 37.351834 SIP Request: SUBSCRIBE sip:319@
    213 37.470590 SIP Status: 200 OK
    214 37.471846 SIP Request: NOTIFY sip:319@
    215 37.573701 SIP Status: 200 OK
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