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Trunking with other SIP Server

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by indo, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. indo

    Jun 28, 2013
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    Pardon me for the newbie question, but i have a challenge to configure interconnection from 3CX with other SIP server (perhaps it is an OpenSIPS with Asterisk), i already search through google and asking at other place and found that Generic SIP Trunking is the solution for this problem, but i couldn't found the complete guide for trunking to other local SIP server, i only found the guide for the VoIP provider with long trunking number that start with 9 (*9xxxxxxx).

    Does anybody have the standard complete guide for trunking with other SIP server for a newbie like me? Thank you master. :D
  2. jasit

    jasit New Member

    Feb 12, 2013
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    cut and paste from another site, pretty sure that's what I did.

    Office 1 - Elastix 1.6.2-27
    Extensions 200-399 range
    PRI/T1 connectivity (want to use this from Office 2)

    Office 2 - 3CX version 9
    Extensions 400-499 range
    No PSTN connectivity

    Need to dial extension-to-extension both intra and inter offices.
    Need to dial outside with different CallerID for each site (only works using PRI type service).

    Elastix (Office1):
    1. Create Trunk leaving everything blank except these:

    Trunk Name: Office2
    PEER Details:
    host=<Office2 3CX ip>


    2. Create Outbound Route
    Route Name: ToOffice2
    Route Password: <Blank>
    Intra Company Route: <checked>
    Dial Patterns: 4XX <or whatever your extension range is>
    Trunk Sequence: SIP/Office2

    Submit/Apply Configuration Changes

    3CX (Office2):
    1. Create new VOIP Provider
    Name of Provider: Office1
    Select "Generic SIP Trunk"


    SIP server hostname or IP: <Office1 Elastix ip>


    External Number: DID or CallerID any unique number
    Authentication ID: same
    Authentication password: <Blank>
    Maximum simultaneous calls: 1 or more, I used '50'


    Office Hours: Choose whichever is appropriate
    Check "Same as Out of Office hours" box (if you want)


    Starts "Outbound Rule" wizard automatically:

    Rule Name: <toOffice1>
    Apply this rule to these calls:
    Calls from extension(s): 400-499
    Make outbound calls on:
    Route 1: Office1
    Strip Digits: 0
    Prepend: <Blank>


    2. Open VOIP Providers | Office1
    Select Tab [Source ID]
    Check "Source identification by DID" box
    SIP Field containg DID numbers: "Request Line URI : User Part" (Default)
    Select "Add Mask" button
    Source ID mask: *

    Select Tab [DID]
    Enter each extension number here <e.g.: 400, 401, 405, etc.>



    Go to Ports/Trunks Status and make sure it is green, if it is then start testing.

    CALLER ID Fix:
    Set main Zap Trunk to Office2 (3CX) desired CallerID info.
    Set each extension in Office1 (Elastix) callerID info to desired CallerID for that office, individually controlled only at Elastix end becuase it had the PRI trunk.

    Also set each extension's "Outbound Caller ID" in Office2 (3CX) to the desired Caller ID for internal calls.
    Go to: Extension Number <400> and select Tab [Other], fill in the Outbound Caller ID (we used First Name).

    Now when calls are internal in either office or from office to office it shows the proper Caller ID info.
  3. indo

    Jun 28, 2013
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    Many Thanks to you jasit! this is what i looking for! :D
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