Uniden UIP200 SIP phone, config assistance.

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  1. mbehlok

    Dec 15, 2006
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    I have a Uniden UIP200 phone that I bought used. I am able to get it to register and work to a point. I can call from it, but cannot call it.

    Does anyone have a sample config file (unidencom.txt) file that I could compare mine to?

    I have a administrator guide to the Uniden UIP200 as well in case someone is looking for it.. Had to get it directly from Uniden as it was not found anywhere.
  2. Nick Galea

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Do you have a URL for this phone?

    Can you try to clear the server status log, then make a call to device and then copy and paste the server status log here? That will show us the response the phone is given when you try to call it.
  3. mbehlok

    Dec 15, 2006
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    Here's the server log. I can dial from one Softphone to the other. This only seems to happen when I dial the Uniden Phone. This is most likely a setting for the phone. I have also included the unidencom.txt file which has most of the configs.

    Server logs:
    00:23:39.671 AuthMgr::eek:nAuthSuccess: Extension "Server Account"<sip:198@>;tag=22778 has been registered successfully
    00:23:35.015 Terminated c8 "Server Account"<sip:198@> <sip:199@> Call ended
    00:23:18.921 Calling c9 "Server Account"<sip:198@> <sip:199@> Send INVITE to Ext:199
    00:23:18.921 Routed c9 "Server Account"<sip:198@> <sip:199@> From: Ext:198; To: Ext:199
    00:23:18.921 CallConf::findDestination: Found destination Ext:199 for caller Ext:198
    00:23:18.906 Registrar::checkAor: Registrar resolved sip:199@ as <sip:199@>
    00:23:18.906 Registrar::checkAor: Registrar resolved sip:198@ as <sip:198@>
    00:23:18.890 Incoming c9 "Server Account"<sip:198@> <sip:199@> Incoming call from 198
    00:23:18.890 AuthMgr::eek:nAuthSuccess: Extension "Server Account"<sip:198@>;tag=19332 has been registered successfully

    Uniden Config:

    # UIP200 Mass Configuration System Generic File
    # Notes:
    # 1. Lines start with '#' are comments
    # 2. To leave a field value unchanged (as saved on local phone), leave value to blank.
    # 3. To set a field's value to empty, use '-' as value.
    # 4. To NOT overwrite user local settings of: programmable key, one/two touch keys, VMA
    # number, VMWILampIndicator, set "OverwriteLocalSetting = NO". Default is "YES". This
    # key will ALSO affect whether or not THESE settings in uniden<MAC>.txt be used.
    # 5. Any duplicate parameters exist in both unidencom.txt and uniden<MAC>.txt, MAC settings
    # will be used.
    # Current Limitation: No spaces allowed for a setting's value
    # Version: 4.59a

    #Overwrite user local settings of programmable keys, one/two touch keys, vma settings
    #If set to no, these current settings on the phone will not be overwritten.
    OverwriteLocalSettings YES # must be placed on top of config file

    # Sip Settings --If only ProxyServer needed, set OutboundProxy1/Port same as ProxyServer/Port
    ProxyServer # can be an IP address or FDQN
    ProxyServerPort 5060 # 0 to use default port
    OutboundProxy1 # can be an IP address or FQDN
    OutboundProxy1Port 5060 # enter a port number or 0 for default (5060)
    OutboundProxy2 - # can be an IP address or FQDN
    OutboundProxy2Port 0 # enter a port number or 0 for default (5060)
    EmergencyProxy -
    EmergencyProxyPort 0
    Registrar1 # can be an IP address or FQDN
    Registrar1Port 5060 # enter a port number or 0 for default (5060)
    Registrar2 - # can be an IP address or FQDN
    Registrar2Port 0 # enter a port number or 0 for default (5060)
    DnsServer_1 # may not be necessary if use DHCP
    DnsServer_2 # may not be necessary if use DHCP
    RegisterExpireSec 3600
    RegisterRetrySec 90
    Q_Param 50
    RegisterExpireLimitPercent 10
    FailoverRetrySec 8
    SipPort 5060
    SRVRecordName - #_sip._udp.unisip.com
    # options are ON or OFF
    SessionTimerSupport ON
    # options are ON or OFF
    SessionTimerRefresher ON
    SessionTimerMin 60
    TimerInterval0 300
    TimerInterval1 150

    # Audio Settings
    G711MuTxPacketLength 20
    G711MuJitterBufferLength 10
    G711MuJitterBufferMax 200
    G711ATxPacketLength 20
    G711AJitterBufferLength 10
    G711AJitterBufferMax 200
    G729TxPacketLength 20
    G729JitterBufferLength 10
    G729JitterBufferMax 200
    LongHoldAlertPeriod 360

    # options are ON and OFF
    DiffServMode OFF
    DefaultDiffServParam 192
    RTPDiffServParam 160
    VlanMode DISABLE
    VlanID 1
    PcVlanID 2
    #TftpAddress # save to phone and used next time if not offered from DHCP

    TimeZone -5
    # choices are YES and NO
    EnableDST YES
    # choices are YES and NO
    EnableSNTP Yes
    # SNTP Server IP address
    SntpServerIP time.apple.com
    # Time period (in seconds) before recontacting SNTP server
    SntpRetrySec 1800

    # preferred codec are listed from most preferred, separated by commas and NO space
    PreferredCodec g711u,g711a,g729
    # choices are English, Spanish, and French
    Language English
    #choices are Enable and Disable
    CallWaiting Enable
    EmergencyProxyPrefix **

    #Admin password must be numeric. Max is 6 digits. Format: oldpassword/newpassword
    #AdminPassword 2002/1204

  4. Nick Galea

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Out of ideas


    I reviewed the logs and the configuration file but i cant find any obvious errors. I dont see any options that you need to change or could try.

    When you call from it, does the call work, as in do you get sound and all? When you ring it, does the phone at least show ringing in the 3CX server status screen?

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