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Use office 365 to change trunk redirection

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by jeroendebruijn, Dec 7, 2016.

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  1. jeroendebruijn

    Nov 9, 2015
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    3CX is able to take a public or user address book from Exchange or office 365 and use it to populate its own phone book. It is a great feature, especially to recognize customers by our support desk.

    One of the less developed features of 3CX - in my opinion - is the ability to have trunks scheduled to connect to other extensions (user agents, IVR's, queues, etc) on different hours.

    An exchange / office 365 public schedule (or user schedule) could be used to change the destination of a trunk, depending on the settings in an appointment created in that schedule.

    I envision there will still be a default open - closed hour schedule, that will act as a default. yet, if 3CX encounters an appointment in above mentioned schedule, it will shift the destination of the trunk, depending on the data it encounters in that appointment.

    An appointment has a subject, a location, a start and an end time (well, more fields, but those are unneeded)

    The subject could be a human understandable text like "Christmas eve closing" Or "weekend shift"
    The location could be the extension number the trunk should be rerouted to. e.g. on the weekend shift I want to reroute the trunk to a queue called "weekend Queue" while i might want to sett eh location of "Christmas eve early closing" to an extension that dials out tho the mobile number of one of my colleagues

    The advantages will be:
    • Most people can schedule an appointment in their outlook, especially receptionists. It will be just one more scheduler to maintain, instead of maintaining a whole ' scary' 3CX web environment
    • You can add partly holidays in the schedule (e.g. Christmas evening) where you can schedule a Christmas greeting with an option to call an emergency cellphone for one trunk, and only a Christmas greeting with an end call for another.
    • you can create complex reoccurring schedules (the evening shift always reroutes to the user agent of john every first and last Monday of the month between 17:00 and 19:00 hours
    • People can actually plan this weeks, months and even years ahead, if they want to. No last minute calls to their support desk on Christmas eve (while you are just put on your jacked to go home) because they forgot to tell you they need to transfer all calls during Christmas to the mobile of the CEO
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