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Using OpenVPN to allow branch-branch 3CX use

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by sigertronic, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. sigertronic

    May 30, 2009
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    My company is working to develop a VOIP solution to help companies reduce their phone bills by utilizing VOIP for calls between branch offices. As most VOIP applications are blocked by our country's only ISP, it is assumed that 3CX's "Bridge" feature will be blocked once the system tries to utilize standard VOIP ports outside the company's own LAN. If such ports are not already blocked, it can be assumed that the ISP will identify and block those ports as they actively search for and effectively block any means of bypassing VOIP. They have already shut down access to most of the common VPN services, and continue to look for VOIP workarounds.

    Our thought is that we can still connect branch offices via 3CX using a VPN such as OpenVPN. Please tell me if my logic is correct and/or if anyone has any experience with this. We want to set up an Ethernet bridge between servers at two offices, essentially allowing all computers at the two offices to see each other as being on the same LAN. Running one 3CX server, we should be able to connect all phones at all offices. Beyond that, we would install a PBX gateway in conjunction with the server to replace pre-existing PBX's at the office which hosts the server.

    While this solution does eliminate purchase of an additional license for the additional branch office, in my opinion, it is the only way we can get 3CX to work. Beyond that, the increased number of connections will likely require a more expensive edition of the software to be used.

    Anyone have any similar experience or comments they can share?
Thread Status:
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