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V1.1.4 - Keep Alive Issue

Discussion in 'iOS' started by nakanet, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. nakanet

    May 1, 2011
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    Device Info
    Phone Model: [iPhone]
    Generation: [3GS]
    Firmware Version: [5.0.1]
    Jailbreak: [NO]
    Cydia Installed: [NO]

    Issue Info
    Handset: [Phone]
    Contacts: [Local]
    Connection: [WiFi]
    Server: [Internal|External]

    Hello friends of 3CX forum.
    Eduardo Nakagawa from Japan here.
    After the great marathon of 1.1.x app series I was expecting the problems of keeping the connection between the iPhones and 3CX servers were solved, with the new multitasking feature but it seems not be working yet.
    Since the release of the 1.1.4 version of the app. I´ve installed it in our iPhone 3GS (iOS 5.0.1) and ept track of the behaviour of the server and the iPhone app itself.
    With the new 1.1.4 app I could keep the connection alive r max of 2 hours, not more than this, with the iPhone in stand-by mode (screeen locked and turned off).
    Taking a look on the "Server Event Log" hive in the 3CX serv er, I could see that the server are performing a serie of registers and unregister sequences.
    Here is the screenshots of the 3CX server side "Server Event Log":
    Attention that the extension with number 10005 refers to the iPhone app running.

    This is the scroll down of the log hive:

    This is the last section of the log, until a 3CX server restart procedure done by me:

    As everybody can see, the iPhone app keeps registering and unregistering normally until 00:12:28 that was the last unregister record.
    After this the app did not re-registered again until 02:25:41, time that I´ve commanded a server restart sequence.
    When I took a look on the iPhone, that I left on the desk to perform this test, without any kind of use, when I´ve unlocked the iPhone screen and called the 3CX app from multitask bar (clicking 2 times the iPhone button and them selecting the 3CX app from the bottom of the screen), I could saw the new app splash screen appears again before it shows me the phone interface.
    It looks like iPhone had shutted down the application in some time and when I wake it up again, it started the app again (as anew instance), shows the intro 3CX logo splash screen and them performed a standard registering procedure, putting the iPhone on ready state.
    So it looks like the iPhone aborts the execution of the app after some time running in the background and with the device locked up causing the app to disconnect from the 3CX server.
    Reading the changelog published by the 3CX team I could saw that this kind of trouble were fixed with this new version:
    - Support for iOS 5 (Notification Center must be enabled manually)
    - Toggle for In/Out of Office settings
    - Start-up screen
    - Renewed SIP engine for better handling
    - Improved audio handling and routing
    - iPod playback stops and re-starts after a call
    - Support for foreign characters
    - Perform re-register in case network state changes (WiFi->WiFi or Wifi<->3G)
    - Notification when phone becomes unregistered
    - Notification Index for missed calls
    - Profile Name will be provisioned (EXT@autoprov)
    - Profile Display Name will be provisioned
    - From:DisplayName will be shown when present
    - Recording exchange via iTunes
    - GSM call handling
    - Echo Cancellation

    - Incorrect handling of non-standard 5060 PBX SIP ports
    - Unregister when application is terminated by iPhone (on multitasking devices)
    - Improved multitasking (no longer based on audio)
    - "Audio-friendly" with other applications
    - Key-Pad-Sounds are routed to Earpiece after first call
    - Ringing-Sounds are routed to Earpiece after first call
    - Application hangs at start up (Stun resolving issue)
    - Fixed PBX non-standard SIP port provisioning
    - TCP port will be released correctly
    - Removed duplicate INVITE when make/hold/retrieve calls
    - Removed a "ghost" screen snapshot appearing for a short time when app starts
    - Proximity sensor only handled during a call

    Yet, this line that says Notification when phone becomes unregistered also seems not be working, because i did not receive any notification on the device alerting me that the app unregistered or were out.
    I have manually enable the 3CX app in the notification center to show alerts from 3CX, as advised.
    Does anybody faced this issue ? I would love to keep using the 3CX app due to the features on it, but considering the most important feature, that´s keeping the app avaiable to be reached by a call at any time, other apps (I gave the ageet Corporation´s - AGEPhone app as an example) of engine that works perfect with the 3CX server but does not have all the good features present in the 3CX app.
    Do anybody have a guess what we´re doing wrong here ? How we can fix this problem and keep the 3CX app alive "forever" and always ready for receive a call ?
    If more informations were needed, please let me know and I´ll try to provide it.

    Regards for all !

    Eduardo Nakagawa
    Nakanetworks Japan

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  2. Vali_3CX

    Vali_3CX Well-Known Member
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Dec 12, 2008
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    Re: 3CX Phone 1.1.4 - Keep Alive Issue

    Hi Eduardo
    First - thanks for detailed report 8)

    I will start somehow from bottom to top:
    - "Unregister when application is terminated by iPhone (on multitasking devices)" is not related at all with the issue here. "Terminated by iPhone on multitasking devices" refers following : you double-tap the device's button, which opens a bar containing icons of all applications running in the background (you already described this) and there you press and hold the icon of desired app (in our case, the 3CXPhone). A (-) circle vill appear and, by pressing it, that application will be terminated. In 1.0.23, such operation has been unhandled by 3CXPhone, acting as a "kill", without notify the PBX, therefore leaving a "ghost" registered phone there. In 1.1.4, this operation is handled and 3CXPhone sends the unregistration message to the PBX, exiting "gracefully".

    - The PBX tracelog sequence above is a strong hint the 3CXPhone has been notified by the system that the network signal has been lost /appeared. Every time network "appears", 3CXPhone attempts to perform a registration to be sure it accomodates new network parameters (see above, "- Perform re-register in case network state changes (WiFi->WiFi or Wifi<->3G)"). Until now, we did not find such often disconnection/connection sequence but, in any case, we can improve this by checking if new network parameters are the same with the old ones and, if yes, to don't perform this re-registration. I will keep you informed about this.

    - The "- Notification when phone becomes unregistered" does not apply in this case, because unregistration appears due to programatic re-registration when network appeared. Notification would be displayed in the following scenario: phone is registered; network goes down (or, generally, PBX becomes unaccessible); the 2 min re-registration interval elapses and phone tries to re-register and it cannot, registration fails so it displays the notification.
    IMPORTANT: keep in mind that the "not -registered" notification message is cleared (removed) when phone successfully re-register; you're not interested to see a previous state of the phone, but the current one, so is pointless to see "phone is not registered" when, in fact it is registered. ALSO, on iOS5x notifications can by disabled from device's settings ("- Support for iOS 5 (Notification Center must be enabled manually)") therefore, in such case, notification will not be displayed.

    Hope it helps. When we will have some news regarding this, we will announce. Thanks again for detailed report.
    Best regards
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  3. Vali_3CX

    Vali_3CX Well-Known Member
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Dec 12, 2008
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    Eduardo, please check your PM.
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  4. StefanW

    StefanW Head of Customer Support and Training
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Jun 2, 2009
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    fixed in upcoming version, you will get a beta version 2day of it!
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