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V15.0.62928.5 - Switching between GSM/VoIP

Discussion in 'Android' started by SECOIT GmbH, Apr 3, 2017.

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  1. SECOIT GmbH

    Apr 3, 2017
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    Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)
    Firmware Version: 7.0

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    Not relevant here...

    Hey there,

    I'm currently evaluating 3CX PBX and one very important part for me is full mobile phone integration since this now a standard requirement for most of our customers.

    What I'm trying to set up is what I'm currently using in my office where my mobile phone is a normal extension of my "old fashioned" hardware PBX (big North American company). When I'm in the office the Android phone uses WLAN to connect to the PBX. When I'm out f the office I can set up how calls are dealt with. For example:
    - always use GSM call through and use mobile data only for signaling and transferring caller IDs, etc.
    - use WLAN when available for voice and signaling and fall back to GSM if no WLAN is available
    - if mobile (or WLAN) data WAN connection is not good enough during a call automatically make a GSM call to the PBX in the background and hand over an active call from WLAN to GSM
    - use different options when roaming to prevent high data bills
    - etc.
    Basically I can freely define when to use WLAN or 3G for voice, I can define what happens when I loose WLAN signal, I can define what happens when I'm roaming (use WLAN or 3G or GSM callthrough), I can define how to receive calls, etc.

    So far I have only seen the 3CX client on Android to operate via data (WLAN or 3G/4G/etc. - all data connections) but I have not found out if there is a way to fallback to GSM voice.
    Is that possible to set up with 3CX? If so could someone help me finding a manual for this?
    If it is not possible are there any plans to integrate full mobile phone support so for example the phone can do an automatic transfer from WLAN to GSM when I'm leaving the office and not use any mobile data other than for signalling for example when I'm travelling abroad where data plans are sometimes very expensive?
    What I'm looking for is a place in 3CX where I can set these rule like I'm doing with my current PBX.
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