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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by garsnow, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. garsnow

    Mar 14, 2007
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    I am trying Verizon VOIP. The equipment they provide is a Linksys PAP2 phone adapter in my case with 2 lines.
    I am attempting to use this through my business network which consists of a Netopia Cayman router and a Netgear hub. The 3CX PBX resides on our Microsoft 2003 Small Business Server and is conncected to the hub.
    I also have a IP Dialog SIP phone and a 3CX softphone installed. Both register with the 3CX PBX.
    The Verizon setup resides at my desk and is connected to my PC which is connected to a Linksys router. The Linksys router also resides on my desk and has an IP connection to the IP dialog phone, the Linksys PAP2 and my PC. A regular telephone is connected to the Linksys PAP through the telephone port.
    This setup is working for the regular telephone and Linksyst PAP2 and I am able to receive and make VOIP calls.
    I am attempting to use this setup as a VOIP gateway throught 3CX PBX but cannot get the line assigned by Verizon and being used in the Linksys PAP to register. If I can get the line to register I can then use the IP dialog phone and eventually will move all of our phones to SIP phones.
    It seems it should be simple to get the line to register however I am not successful and maybe with my setup it is not possible.
  2. Nick Galea

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    First up you are using hardware and providers that have not been tested by us. I would try to start step by step and start just by registering against the Verizon. Try using a soft phone first and see if that works. If that works, proceed to enter those details in to 3CX Phone System. When that works, proceed onto using the phone you mentioned.

    I see a lot of routers being mentioned. Try to eliminate additional routers. Install it behind one router, and one router only. Additional NAT layers cause problems.

    Lets us know until what stage you get. When you have isolated a problem, let us know what exactly the problem is and then post the relevant server status log for that problem and we will help from there.
  3. garsnow

    Mar 14, 2007
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    The problem is not with telephone device but the fact that I cannot get the telephone line number assigned by Verizon to register is the 3CS PBX.
    I have attempted to set up the VOIP Provider as Verizon using one of the 2 numbers I was assigned.
    The settings in the VOIP provider are as follows:
    Name of Provider - VoiceWing
    Outbound Proxy Hostname or IP -
    Outbound Proxy Port - 5060 (this is the same as the PAP2 device.
    Time Between Registration - I used the default of 3600

    Additional Options
    Stun server hostname or IP -

    PSTN Line No. 6502424486
    External Number - 6502424486
    Internal Number - 1000
    Outbound Caller ID - 6502424486
    Allow outbound calls - (checked)
    Allow incoming calls - (checked)
    Answer after - 0

    ID - Verizon Login number
    Password - Password assigned by Verizon

    The line does not register on 3CX PBX.
    Both the SIP phone and the 3CS Softphone register on the 3CX PBX.
  4. Tdar

    Sep 22, 2006
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    I tryed to ping both your sip addres and your stun address and I do not get any hit. I'd make sure that they are correct.

    Are you sure about the sip.www.voicewing .com? most providers would format that as but I get no responce for that as well......

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