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VERY strange/serious Router Hang

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by geogeogr, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. geogeogr

    Jun 4, 2007
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    Exceptional piece of work, it's far the Best of the PBX software out there and works like a charm on Win Vista.

    HOWEVER, although everything works well on Local Area Network (I have a Sipura 3000 for ext/int calls and a VoipBuster account. Also an IVR on number 200, and the regular Robot system for mailbox etc, on 999)...

    ...I cannot get the system to work via Internet.
    My local IP on the PC is
    I have a dyndns.org account under xxxxxxx.dyndns.org
    I set up NAT forward for port 5060 on my router, to
    On a machine far far away... I use the "PHONERLITE" (great software for "easy" sip calling) and set:
    Sip: xxxxxx.dyndns.org
    stun: stun.web.de (a stun server I usually use, I also use it on 3CX server)
    username: e.g. 100
    password: e.g. 100

    THE PROBLEM: When I try to call (registering goes well with the sip server via WAN) the 999 number for example, which uses the Media Server of 3cx, my ADSL ROUTER (which is Microcom AD 2636) COMPLETELY hangs... I can't even access the LAN configuration page. I have to power down my modem. Strangely, internal Firewall is disabled, all ports are as they should be (9000-9003 NAT open, 5060 NAT open, Stun port NAT open...).

    I haven't managed to find out what's wrong.
    The same things, work ok from LAN. I can use the LAN sip connected pocketpc and laptop, to call through SIPURA, answer PSTN calls or call through Voipbuster.

    However, any call from WAN side to an internet-connected instance, COMPLETELY freezes the modem.

    Anyone ever faced this? I could provide logs if anyone needs them.

    Quite desperate here :(

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Sip does not like NAT to much and visa versa.

    It could be something to do with the dyndns.org, I assume you use this because you do not have a static IP address.

    To make this work over a WAN (where the WAN has foreign parts) you really have to think about VPN.

    I do not know the modem type you are refering to but I guess it tries to do to much. Can you see if you NAT table in the modem gets overloaded, so it goes into a mad panic?
  3. geogeogr

    Jun 4, 2007
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    Thank you for your quick response.

    I have some new information.

    First, yes if I use the Public IP (which is not static so I cannot use it for my purpose for all users) it seems to work well.
    When I try the dyndns.org account, absolute havoc (and it's the first time I see a REALLY trusted device such as the microcom AD 2636, freeze).

    Now, it seems to me that the problem May rise from the fact that both the Voipbuster uses 5060 (which needs inbound for incoming voipbuster calls as far as I know) AND 3cx uses 5060 for inbount for the sip connected software from LAN and WAN side.

    NOW Something I Noticed: I tried to change the SIP port, from the General Settings to 5070. That, I guess, means, that every sip phone, needs to use an xxxxx.dyndns.org:5070 address, or anyway, that the port for SIP is 5070. However, although I restarted the service (and then restarted windows) as prompted, something strange hapens: All devices keep connecting at port 5060, instead of 5070. If I try 5070, I get a timeout. Shouldn't the port be changed?

    VPN is unfortunately not an option for me, as the phone software will be in 4 different family places in 3 countries so...

    Also, I will try tomorrow, by using a no-ip.info account.

    But even if I manage to get a static ip and use it, could you please confirm whether I made a mistake with the SIP port 5070?

    P.S. Actually, the modem works fine with 3 PC's on the local network, 2 of which are running eMule and the other one uTorrent, Simultanously. So I guess it's not an overload problem, at least not of this kind, but then again I wouldn't know.
  4. Nick Galea

    Nick Galea Site Admin

    Jun 6, 2006
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    Thanks for your nice feedback. Your setup seems fine, please post server status logs so we can see what is going on. One has to be sure that your external IP has been resolved correctly. The server status logs will reveal this.

    Its best to have a static IP. The port should not make a difference, since VOIP busters SIP server is running on a seperate machine. 3CX will connect to the VOIPbuster server.

    Briefly reading your posts about 4 families in 3 different countries (interesting scenario :) ), i would suggests either of the following setups

    1. 1 phone system server, with each of the families being an 'External extension'. This is done by creating a normal extension and then ticking the external extension option under advanced/other options. Open up port 5060, 3478, 9000 and up (2 ports per call)

    2. Wait for new build (out in a few weeks time) and install a separate phone system in each families home. Then you can access each others servers using the new SIP ID feature. Basically each extension will have an email address like SIP address, which you can enter into your soft phone. It will resolve to the correct familys system and then to the right extension. Each family wil have to have its own local domain with a configured SIP ID record. But this cost peanuts nowadays to have completely hosted for a few dollars a year. Open up port 5060, 3478, 9000 and up (2 ports per call)

    Hope this helps. Keep us posted!
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  5. geogeogr

    Jun 4, 2007
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    Thank you. Thank you very much. Apart from your software being awesome, so is your support. :)

    I may haven't used the correct words on the earlier post. I was talking about 4 family members, of which 2 reside in Greece, one in Bulgaria and one in the U.K. (soon).

    What i have REALLY missed on configuration, is the "Extension is External" that you are mentioning. I haven't checked it for either of the 2 extensions I use for testing. Could the unchecked "Bind to Media Server" also make sense?

    HAPPY NEWS is that I used the same dyndns.org sip info with "Extension is External" checked, and it DID work well! So maybe the modem goes nuts when a 'local' extension is accessed although the already Nat-enabled external one should be used (MediaServer bind connection maybe should be on 900x instead of 70xx which is logged)...

    I have uploaded the LOG ZIP FILE on http://www.geomic.com/DRP_200706051418.zip although the problem seems solved now. However, if you like you can check the nature of the problem. I don't know if everything is included there although I have restarted the server 3-4 times. I tried the dyndns which resulted in my modem freezing several times between 11pm and 3am and a little earlier at around 6pm-7pm with extension 101. The usual message I got from Server Status after the freezing, was something like "00001 blah blah MediaServer got no data on port 7052", but I can't find it on the log files.

    Thank you very much again for your time. :) Georgios
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