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    Jul 19, 2017
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    I have an application that requires H264 video support with SIP calling. I saw that video support was not listed one way or another in the version comparison, so I just downloaded it.

    I'm not able to find any place to enable H264 or any video codecs.

    Is it safe to assume there is no video support?

    UPDATE I: I got video working but only when both clients are on the same remote LAN. Note that this is a remote LAN and not the same as the one where the 3CX server is. It seems like there must be some routing issue with NAT. I checked that 3CX uses 9000-9500 for RTP media, but opening those ports makes no difference.

    One client is Bria for Android, and the other is Bria for PC.

    UPDATE II: I've also tried 3CX Softphone for Android and PC. Autoprovisioning would time out until I entered the remote IP address of my server rather than the local IP included in the provisioning file. Even then, while I was able to register, I was not able to call one extension from another using the 3CX clients. The message I'd get back is forbidden. Not sure why it is so comparatively easy to register and place a call with a 3rd party phone.

    UPDATE III: I changed the local server address back to the remote IP (remember, I'm not local to the server), then I opened port 5090 for 3cx tunnel. Unfortunately, it appears that the PC client does not support H264 and the Android client does not support any video. Having looked into a half dozen Android/iOS Video SIP Clients, it seems that this will work with Bria or not at all.

    UPDATE IV: It works in both directions with the hosted service, so that seems to point to a NAT routing issue. I'm going to test it from inside the LAN, where the caller leg will always be, tomorrow. Unfortunately I cannot test it remotely, but if that works, then my problem is solved for all intents and purposes.
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