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    While on a call and a second incoming call occurs, the screen gives you options (maybe 3cx Phone) to play a recorded message with options. (An IVR of sorts).

    1) On the phone
    2) Second call comes in
    3) I see by caller id it is a call I m waiting for.
    4) -->
    a) I can press <Reject> (currently an option) to goto Voicemail.
    b) I can press button "On a call. Please hold on just a minute. I want to talk to you." The call gets put on Hold.
    c) I can press button "On a call. If you want my voicemail press 1. If you want to hold press 2."

    Often I am on a call and someone I want to talk to calls in. I can't get off my current call and the other one ends up in VM. By time I call them back, they are on a call and we play phone tag.
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