Voicemail and RC1 - Ext Phone Chk Box and VMail Config

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    Now that I am fully testing again....

    I noticed if I have an extension checked as an external phone and I call another extension when the extension does not answer or is busy and I am being forwarded to voicemail, I get a fast busy(reorder) signal.

    e.g. ext 101 has ext phone checked. I call ext 102 from 101 -- I hear a fast busy...

    If I uncheck the ext phone box then vmail picks up as expected.


    If I have Play Calller ID and Readout Date Time both checked on an extension when I try calling that extension and being sent to vmail I get the reorder signal

    e.g. x101 calls x102 (which has both Play Caller ID and Readout Date Time checked), I get a fast busy after being sent to x102 vmail.

    I can have either Play Caller ID or Readout Date Time checked and the call transfers to vmail without issue

    Not sure why??

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    Regarding problem 1 the external option is to be used when you are using a phone from outside the PBX's network. This causes the PBX to use STUN resolved address in SDP so that a phone outside the network can understand where to send the audio (RTP) correctly. If you are using the phones on the internal network you need not to set them as external phoens.

    You might be getting the busy signal because the phone is not registered please check the status of the phone while issuing the call.

    For problem 2 please repeat the issue and send the logs to our support mail with a detailed desciption. So far there are no known bugs, so it is not very clear why you are encountering this.

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