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Voicemail Change Requests

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by infinity12, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. infinity12

    Sep 20, 2016
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    I've filtered through the forums and see several requests, but don't see that any of them are every affirmatively acted on. Do the changes put in here typically get responded to? We've just put our first client onto 3CX, and had significant issues with voicemail. They take orders overnight via voicemail, and the problems are definitely usage, not errors. However, they seem to be due to a weak user interface, and missing features (most of which have been requested before). The key is that it's VERY easy to NOT leave a voicemail when you think you have left one.

    1. Option to see envelope/caller information on phone when playing VMs back on phone.
    2. Should be able to play VM within 3cxphone for windows without having to save .wav and open in another sw
    3. Need to be able to rewind/ff, skip forwards and backwards, and pause from phone or from calling into VM system
    4. Ability to listen to new messages in FIFO or LIFO order
    5. Next message automatically plays upon delete of message, and is marked as heard. When you are trying to write down a message, and hang up (since there's no pause), when you go back to VM, that 'next' message has already been heard, so it doesn't come up as new.
    6. Can't disable "*". If you are recording a VM, some users having used other systems, hit "*". This causes the message to NOT be left, and caller gets no prompt saying it won't be left.
    7. When you select 'review' of a message, if you hit "#" (which will properly function in most VMs we know of), the message is discarded... either save the message, or warn the caller it won't be saved.