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Voicemail questions

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by mbagshaw, May 21, 2008.

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  1. mbagshaw

    May 11, 2008
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    I have several questions related to setting up voicemail and the digital assistant correctly - I think I'm confused! Most importantly I can't figure out whether voicemail and the receptionist are triggered by outside lines or extensions - at the moment I have enabled voicemail on all extensions and have created a receptionist, but neither are triggered when an outside call comes in unanswered.

    How do I set up my voicemail and digital receptionist so that an incoming external call that is not answered within a specified period (say, 15 seconds) is answered by the digital receptionist or voicemail? I have specified 15 seconds in the "answer calls after..." option for the external VoIP line but it doesn't seem to kick in. I have been able to get both voicemail and the digital receptionist to work on a particular extension if I call it from another internal extension, but I want an unanswered external call to be answered by either voicemail or the digital receptionist (I'm not sure what the best option will be yet).

    My questions are:

    1. How do I get the digital receptionist to answer an unanswered external call?
    2. How do I create a "general" voicemail box for my business (i.e. not for either a specific extension or a specific user)?
    3. How do I get an unanswered external call to be answered by that general voicemail box?
    4. How do I retrieve voice mail messages from that general box (or from any specific box, for that matter)? in other words, do all voicemail messages end up in a single voice mailbox?
    5. Can I record my own voicemail message(s) for each voicemail box?

    I have attached files showing my settings:

    VoIP line settings:

    Digital receptionist settings

    Settings for the extension that I tested the internal calls with

    Any help will be greatly appreciated (it doesn't seem that all of the options on each of the panels are described in the manuals).

    Mark Bagshaw
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Thread Status:
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