Voip Lines are are not registered

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by lizarazou, May 19, 2008.

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  1. lizarazou

    Apr 16, 2008
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    Hello everybody,

    I've moved 3cx on a server where a public ip is used.
    In the log I get:

    17:54:37.265 CallMgr::eek:nAddIPs IP(s) added:[xx.xx.211.243,]
    17:54:34.984 MediaServerReporting::Service *** Connected to GATEWAY:5483/IVRServer at ***
    17:54:34.578 IVRConnected [CM501004]: Connected: IVR Service
    17:54:33.984 MediaServerReporting::Service *** Connecting to [] ***
    17:54:32.968 MediaServerReporting::Service IVR not found on
    17:54:31.953 MediaServerReporting::Service *** Connecting to [] ***
    17:54:30.984 ExtnCfg::updateContact [CM504001]: Ext.100: new contact is registered. Contact(s): [sip:100@;rinstance=11035a1b5360f808/100]
    17:54:30.906 MediaServerReporting::Service IVR not found on

    17:54:29.843 MediaServerConnected [CM112000] Media Server is connected
    17:54:27.468 DeviceRecord::DeviceRecord [CM305004]: Failed to find a transport to host
    17:54:27.406 DBA [CM501003]: Connected: Database
    17:54:27.390 CallMgr::findLocalIPs [CM501006]: Default Local IP address: [xx.xx.211.243,]
    17:54:27.234 CallMgr::Initialize [CM501002]: Version: 5.1.4510.0
    17:54:27.234 CallMgr::Initialize [CM501001]: Start 3CX PhoneSystem Call Manager
    17:54:27.234 CallCtrl::thread [CM501007]: *** Started Calls Controller thread ***
    17:54:27.234 LoadLicenceInfo [CM501010]: License Info: Load Failed

    STUN is enabled.
    Firewall test give the Error 13 (The machine is on a public IP. Please check the FAQ for more information).
    But I cannot fiend any useful information.
    In the 3CXPhoneSystem.ini file I typed LocalSubnets= in the [Network] section.
    But it does not help.
    I think the error is [CM305004]: Failed to find a transport to host (where the IP belongs to the SIP provider).

    Any advice to the correct setup of the PBX is welcome!
    Thank you
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Not open for further replies.