We need the ability to customize holiday IVR for each IVR

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  1. kwhited@toolsource.com

    Mar 11, 2014
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    3cx holiday automation has always been impossible to use for us. I am surprised that more people dont have a problem with the configuration. It now allows the abiltiy to have a HOLIDAY IVR but it is only possible to configure one. We use the system with different departments and divisions of the company. Each inbound number has its own receptionist and its own call routing and IVR. Holidays have to be programmed and scheduled manually because the system doesn't allow customization and scheduling of MULTIPLE IVRs for holidays. at a minimum it would be nice if it would play the holiday greeting and be able to proceed onto the IVR that was associated with the INBOUND route. (inbound number)

    The best solution would be to be able to configure holidays per IVR, some attendants dont need to change on holidays others need to be adjusted when the customer service department is closed. We have multiple customer service departments depending on the division called. Each is treated as a seperate company so it would be confusing to customers to prompt the customer to choose the company they have dialed when they call in.

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  2. Sharecom Dirk De Prest

    Feb 28, 2017
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    I have the same problem with some of our customers.

    1 company / several departments with a different DID

    For the moment we are using the HOL IVR with the holliday greeting and...

    Press 1 for department 1
    Press 2 for department 2

    Not perfect, but it works!
  3. voiptoys

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    Feb 13, 2013
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    All the Holiday system does is control the PBX status (Office Hours or Out of Office Hours) and a specific holiday prompt. You could bypass the built-in Holiday system, and build your own routing system. We have done similar things for our "3CX On Call Manager" and several custom call routing solutions that are based on time of day.

    It seems to me we simply have to evaluate on a per-inbound-DID basis whether the call should be routed to the "office hours", "Out of Office", or "Holiday" IVR based on a schedule set per DID. That sounds straightforward to me. We could provide a simple web portal for managing the schedule. By the way, for those of you who loath entering in all the holidays (including me), take a look at our free 3CX Holiday Importer. Guys, it's free.

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  4. ConnectworksNL

    Mar 2, 2017
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    Your not the only one, but everbody makes a new thread. Search for holiday there about 3 pages about this.
    To bad 3cx responded on none of them.