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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Thona, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Thona

    Aug 10, 2007
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    Just two questions:

    How can I changethe port of the web server?

    Lots of options in the admin panel, but nothing for something THAT basic. I want it to run on port 80 for simplicity.

    What is the timeframe for CSTA / Office Communication Server 2007 integration?

    We are just setting up a new infrastructure for the offices, and I would rather sleect a standards compliant CSTA supporting PBX, so that we can unify our employee infrastructure on Office Communication Server. The integration of chat, presence information, videoconferencing with the functionality of a "slaved" pbx that our employees can control from office commmunicator (meaning they only need one program installed, and that i can make cheap phone calls from my mobile phone using the pbx at the office) just is too good.

    In fact, "no plans for providing SIP over TCP and CSTA" is a delbreaker for the usage of 3cx for me. So, what is the status on that?

    Any plans for an "enterprise" version that supports clustering?

    Naturally uptime is limited for a single system. So far it looks like the only way to get enterprise level uptime is by running 3cx in a virtual machine (and cluster this, so that it restarts on a different virtual server when the hosting machine fails). I would like to know how the scenarios look for clustering support in 3cx for multiple installed pbx's to work together.
  2. gbarnes

    Aug 3, 2007
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    Web Server port

    I can help you with one question. The others you will have to wait for the developers.

    The server port is contained in the Apache config file:

    C:\Program Files\3CX PhoneSystem\Bin\Apache\Conf\httpd.conf

    look for the LISTEN 5480 statement, and *add* LISTEN 80
    Then restart the server.

    I say *add* the next LISTEN because I think the 3CX system will still attempt to look for port 5480 for some of its functioning. Graeme.
  3. Anonymous

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    Re: Web Server Port & CSTA/Office Commnucation Server &a

    Yes, see gbarnes post

    No, I believe. Well it is not on the development path as far as I know.

    Clustering can happen on windows level using windows clustering.
    Branch office allows for multiple PBX's to run on multiple sites as their own entity. Not DB sync (for me that is a pitty but windows clustering should be sufficient for that).
  4. Nick Galea

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    The current version can already be clustered using Windows clustering.

    Re Office Comms server - We are not planning any support at this point.

    Our current software already allows for presence information via the Call Assistant, and further functionality is planned. We are also working on Active Directory integration and more. Becoming a 'slaved PBX' is not on our roadmap.

    We are looking at CSTA support and this is being considered, however it will not be before 2008.

    SWSDEV Member

    Feb 23, 2008
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    I thought I understood that if you have Exchange Server Unified Messaging running, then Office Communications Server integration works through that.

    Also, Broadvox tells me that they transmit SIP over TCP... Don't know if that helps you or not...

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