What's the best device to connect analog equipment? FXS Adap

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by RobLloyd, Aug 31, 2007.

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    I'm trying to find an FXS adapter. With so many out there and posts on all of them I can't find out which one is best. I'd be happy to post a guide on my website with the results if that would be beneficial to everyone.

    What's the best FXS adapter out there? Best meaning - best quality voice and the most reliable (not needing to be rebooted, not failing).
    Price no object.

    If you have experience with a few please list order of preference. If you have other criteria to add that would be great too.
    - Ease of setup, size, PoE, cost, anything else.
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    Micro Analogue Telephone Adapter

    Hey Rob

    Grandstream and Linkys are very good entry level ATA's. I am not going into the specific models because when we come to ATA's many of the different models of the same manufacturer are very similar. Lately I came across this Patton device. You will not have the least trouble in configuring it for sure. It is really small in size - something different - see the link:
    Micro Analog Telephone Adapter. This is all you need.

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