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Wrong called id when call was *20* picked up

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Andreas Javurek, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Andreas Javurek

    Mar 16, 2018
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    I have no expirience with other desk phones, but with Snom phones there is an issue with called id when the call was picked up by another extension.

    Example phones:
    Ext 100: Max Mustermann
    Ext 200: John Doe
    Ext 300: Jan Jansen​
    Example 1 - Standard call: Ext 100 calls Ext 200 (OKAY)
    Ext 100 Display: John Doe:200
    Ext 200 Display: Max Mustermann:100​
    Example 2 - Standard call from Example 1, then blind, or attendend transfer to Ext 300 (OKAY)
    Ext 100 Display: Jan Jansen:300
    Ext 300 Display: Max Mustermann:100​
    Example 3 - *20* Pickup: Ext 100 calls Ext 200, Ext 200 is not at his desk, so Ext 300 pickup the call with *20*200 (WRONG !!)
    Ext 100 Display: John Doe:200 (should be: Jan Jansen:300)
    Ext 300 Display: Max Mustermann:100​

    Both: Support Re-Invites and Support 'Replaces' header are activated, but the display information of Ext 100 will not be updated, after Ext 300 pickup the call.

    3CXPhone show alway the right caller IDs.

    3CX technical support confirmed, that this is the current status and if I require this I have to raise a thread at 3cx-ideas.

    Don't know if this is only with Snom phones, but all my customers have Snom phones and all missing this feature, please have a look at it and implement soon.

    Best Regards
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